BRAD Management affiliates own commercial real estate throughout the country and provide investment opportunities in these assets to select qualified investors.

Since 1986, affiliates of BRAD Management have acquired more than 100 separate real estate investments as a principal.  BRAD Management seeks to acquire distressed, underperforming or underpriced assets that when stabilized will produce at least a 7% cash on cash yield to investors on current income and/or a 15% or higher annualized return on equity over the holding period of the investment.

Recently Sold Investments

1282 West 29th Street

740 24th Street

1554 South Gramercy Place

1408 St. Andrews Place

Country Club Plaza

3901 Ruby    

UofA Student Housing

Amberwood Terrace

North Admiral

301 Jayne

Woodridge Plaza

266-230 Orange Street

Temple Gardens

Staten Avenue

Harrison Village

United Book

Tire Barn Ziebart

Senior Apartments

Hemlock Senior Apartments

Olympic Manor Apartments

Amberwood Terrace

Valencia Entertainment Center

Commonwealth Business Center

Portofino Apartments

Bonanza Apartments

Marina Vista Townhomes

John Drive

Charlemagne Apartments

Suites at USC Village


Parvenu Plaza

Forest Green

Montvale Junction


Luxor Apartments

Miller Homes



Hamilton Point




Hayward Industrial

Corona Industrial

Carolina Business Park

Reno Townhomes

Marrietta Villas

Brockway Apartments

Ogden & Aurora Shops

9th Street Apartments

San Diego Apartments

Foresthill Apartments

Alaska Apartments

Antelope Marketplace

Magnolia Apartments

Oak Plaza Apartments

Ridgeley Apartments

AAA Stor Stuff

Royal Vista

3000 Nicol Ave

Vanowen Industrial

Royal Vista Apartments

1047 Stanley

17 Bedrooms

30 Units

20 Units

18 Units

 400,000 Square Feet

17 Units

35 Beds

35 Units

12 Units

15 Units

62,000 Square Feet

16 Units

23 Units

16 Units

30 Units

86,000 square feet

12,456 square feet

44 Units

47 Units

37 Units

28 Units

32,163 square feet

126,374 square feet

12 Units

52 Units

42 Units

30 Units

14 Units

32 Units






24 Units

31 Units

11 Units

5 Units

18,191 square feet

6 Units

6 Units

8 Units

150,000 square feet

80,000 square feet

50,000 square feet

24 units

46 units

15 units

18,000 square feet

9 units

9 units

9 units

8 units

11,800 square feet

26 units

48 units

6 units

Self and RV Storage

98 Units

11 Units

30,800 square feet

98 units

10 units

Los Angeles, CA

San Pedro , CA

Los Angeles , CA

Los Angeles , CA

Sacramento  CA

Oakland, CA

Tucson, AZ

South Pasadena, CA

Seattle, WA

Oakland, CA

Woodridge, IL

Oakland, CA

Temple City, CA

Oakland, CA

Centralia, WA

Baltimore, MD

Indianapolis, IN

Long View, PA

Longview, PA

Seattle, WA

South Pasadena, CA

Valencia, CA

Louisville, KY

Federal Way. WA

Alameda, CA

Napa, CA

Castro Valley, CA

Seattle, WA

Los Angeles, CA

Las Vegas, NV

Orem, UT

Louisville, KY

Springfield, IL

Skokie, IL

Berkeley, CA

Tacoma, WA

Oakland, CA

Santa Barbara, CA

Columbus, OH

Los Angeles, CA

Hollywood, CA

San Francisco, CA

Hayward, CA

Corona, CA

West Chicago, IL

Reno, NV

Spokane, WA

South Lake Tahoe, CA

Naperville, IL

Colton, CA

Daly City, CA

Auburn, CA

Fairfield, CA

Antelope, CA

Riverside, CA

Sacramento, CA

Los Angeles, CA

Lancaster, CA

Carson City, NV

Oakland, CA

Burbank, CA

Carson City, NV

West Hollywood, CA